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Our Core Values


The core value of fulfilling the needs of users and customers. Fully understanding intent, listening, responding with empathy, is what sets Elves apart.


Creativity is valued highly at Elves because it permeates everything - from problem-solving to product development, from design to distribution.

Continuous Learning:

Analyze everything. Read everything. Reread everything. Question everything. Never stop learning, whether it’s a skill, a marketplace, the user, the industry, the world. Share knowledge and encourage wondering.


Change is constant. Nothing we’re doing has been done like this before. Adaptability is not just about the ability to survive threats, but also about the ability to adapt rapidly to changing opportunities.


Dependability is the thing that builds reputation and trust; inside a team, in the company, and with the user.

One of the things our users often tell us is “I had no idea you did that too!” 

So, here are some of the things we do for our users: We pay their bills, reserve a table at a restaurant, pick up and deliver things to them, book tickets for movies, theater, and events. And we can help discover cool things to do on their vacations as well as make the bookings for hotels, flights, and excursions. 

There are so many things we’re able to help with, including shopping for difficult-to-find-items or repeat orders for things they need regularly. 

We’re here to get their to-dos done!

We work from here 😍

Villa 12, Port said Road

Elves Main Office

Villa 12, Port Said Road, Cairo, Egypt